baracktica update


You all made the Baracktica a great success. Your donations, support and enthusiasm have brought us a step closer to making sure Barack Obama becomes our 44th president.

Throughout the evening there were about 75 barackticans, and we collected $1,277!

Thank you, all.


All of this money is going directly towards the ground game in swing states such as Nevada. But we have three weeks to go and there is still a whole lot to be done.

  • Go to create an account and get involved with a group. The best thing you can do right now is make phone calls to Nevada. This is something you can do every day. You can do it from home or in a group.
  • Visit the Obama So. Cal Headquarters in Culver City. It's located at 3619 Motor Ave. 2nd Floor Los Angeles, 90034. If you're not so excited about making phone calls, you will definitely be inspired to be more active in a way you feel comfortable with. They also have a small store there where you can buy a lawn sign, stickers, or a t-shirt. I love this place.
  • Take a weekend trip to Nevada. On Halloween night, Tamas and I are driving to Nevada to spend the weekend encouraging people to vote for Obama. Spanish speakers are in high demand for this. You can find out more about the trip to Nevada here:
  • If you'll be in NYC on October 18th, go to the Obamalonga:
Yes, We can !


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