Waiting for Satantango

I mailed the following letter to Netflix Corporate Headquarters one week ago.

March 6, 2014

Netflix Inc.
100 Winchester Circle
Los Gatos, CA 95032

Dear Netflix,

In November 2013, I added the DVD option for the sole purpose of watching the four-disc film Satantango. I received the first DVD on or around November 26, watched half of it, then wasn't able to proceed because of a defect on the disc. I reported the damage on December 1, sent it back, and got a replacement on December 3. I immediately watched it and sent it back, eagerly awaiting disc number two.

I received the second disc on or around December 11, and noticed that the back of the DVD was sliced, and unplayable (believe me, I tried). I reported the damage, and got another disc. That was also sliced; my suspicion: it was the same disc. I called and reported it. Alas, since December 11th, I've been waiting to watch disc two of the 450-minute Hungarian hit movie, Satantango. 

In this time, I have watched six other Netflix DVDs. I've also been sent discs three and four of Satantango on two separate occasions. In February I started reading the novel Satantango, and am officially beyond the point in the movie where I left off. 

Through this entire experience, your staff has been helpful, sympathetic, and gracious. And today, I do not voice any complaints about them. In fact, I praise them for their professionalism and courtesy. I love Netflix, and have been a loyal customer since 2002. My husband and I are huge fans of House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and yes, even Lillehammer! 

But I really just added the DVD option to get Satantango, and I'm feeling pretty foolish, having paid some $35 dollars to watch only a third of a movie (the fourth disc is bonus material). 

I would like to ask for a $20 credit to compensate for the frustration I have suffered. I would put this credit towards the purchase of the Satantango DVD set on Ebay. It's $44, and probably pirated from Korea, and without bonus materials. But I'm desperate now, and beginning to feel like one of the tortured and paranoid characters from the novel.

Of course, I will remain a devoted streaming customer, and continue to sing your praises regardless of your decision to credit or not to credit, but I refuse to have Satantango to be my Godot, and must cancel the DVD option today. 

Thank you for your time and kind consideration.

Christine Palau

P.S. It’s interesting that it’s easier to find your mailing address than an email address to contact you, but then that just adds to the absurdity of my situation.

And this is partially what I'm missing out on:

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