the new match

Cut off from a whole crop of eligible bachelors, the girls in my peer group never fathomed dating outside of our type. It was only recently, after ten years of trials and tribulations, one intrepid friend decided to take the plunge.

Though often scorned or at least whispered about, folks have transcended race, caste, age, class and education for the right person. But now, thanks to the audacity of a particularly gutsy dancer, photographer and all out sexual revolutionary, the doctor barrier has been broken; making way for what may very soon be a phenomenon. As it turns out, physicians and bohemians make great partners.

I don’t know why we never thought of it before. Some unwritten law seemed to dictate that if you are a bohemian, you cannot be involved with a medical professional. Perhaps I should qualify the term bohemian when using it for my friends. We might fit David Brooks’ “Bobo” characterization a little better. We aren’t people you’d see frolicking among the masses at Burning Man. We prefer aromatherapy, B&Bs, yoga, eco-tourism, I-Pods and Paella pans. We are at the dawn of our thirties, but our life style choices enable us to look and act as if we just finished college.

The men we have attracted and been drawn to thus far are within this same genre. They are artists, writers and filmmakers. But somehow, no matter how dreamy and inspiring these men start off as, they end up drifting down the river as self-absorbed commitment phobics who really aren’t willing to give it up emotionally to another person—the exception being my husband.

Sure they try and we try even harder. We sympathize with their plight, for we are walking the same tenuous ground of uncertainty. What’s maddening is that we can deal with it so why can’t they? Their Jesus complex, sorry selves are no longer as interesting as we once thought. So from the ruins of this pitiful universe of brooders, the self assured, emotionally generous doctor was discovered.

While the debutantes were preparing to meet an MD since high school, we thought the aspiring pre-med was a conformist who would never have a chance to experience life. But regardless if he had been primed since childhood to pursue that path, the doctor while struggling through medical school, has learned several skills essential to keeping a woman happy.

Five years of rigorous education has taught the doctor to use his time wisely. This value has stuck with him. Availability is of the utmost importance to a budding relationship. The doctor knows this and can prioritize like it’s nobody’s business. The boho-emo guy, on the other hand, gets a hernia just upon hearing the term multi-task. He is overwhelmed by the minutiae of everyday life. Appalled by menial chores, he lets them build up, and in the end, will flake on you because, all of a sudden, he feels the need to be responsible.

Furthermore, women want experimental men. We want someone to rock our world, expose us to things we are not familiar with. Often times, creative men are dull in bed because they save all of their mojo for their work. Boho women, on the other hand, infuse every aspect of their world with creativity. The doctor is most receptive to la difference. And their professional curiosity for the human body carries over to the boudoir where the good doctor can play around and try things out that he has read about or learned in school.

Also noteworthy is that the doctor, by nature of his profession, is not afraid of blood. You know what I’m talking about ladies. It’s that time of the month again and you’ve got the itch that rarely gets scratched because your man is queasy when it comes to anything red on his wanker. This isn’t even a minor inconvenience with the doctor. It’s a natural process that should be embraced and cherished.

We’ve all done it as children, but how about playing doctor with a real one? Who can resist a man in scrubs or a white lab coat? I’m telling you, the next time you go to the hospital, instead of burying your nose in a book, look around and enjoy the scenery. Request a house call and make sure he brings his bag. It might not be Marc Jacobs, but this sturdy leather tote can be a lovely aphrodisiac.

You may have noticed that financial stability was not listed among favorable doctor traits. At this point it is not a concern. In our case, the doctor is still paying off his debt. The future is bright though, and simply not having fiscal issues is good enough. Besides we’re bohemians and don’t covet money, and in a way that’s what makes us even more appealing to the physician.

The doctor, for the most part, being logical, knows that balance is essential for a harmonious life, thus he can appreciate the nuances that bring people together. Their thirst for knowledge makes the connection easy to hold onto. Likewise, he will be inspired by your vitality and free spirit.

I’m not saying all Bohemians should drop their hipster swain for a doc, but just keep an open mind next time you meet someone with a stethoscope around their neck, you could later be using that as a toy.

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